Arcotronics F.NC.10.05.474.103.A EMI Filter (now Aerodev)


Arcotronics EMI Filter

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Arcotronics F.NC.10.05.474.103.A EMI Filter (now Aerodev)

  • Arcotronics EMI Filter / Netzfilter
  • Model: F.NC.10.05.474.103.A
  • AKA: FNC1005474103A
  • 275V/10A
  • New  / Neuware

Needs an M6 nut & washer (not included)

Designed to reduce electromagnetic noise, the Aerodev EMI Filter is both effective and efficient. It is designed to be used on a variety of electrical appliances, including motorized appliances such as microwaves and coffee makers. The flexible design also allows for easy installation to reduce the risk of failure during frequent use.

We used this filter a while ago for a very early production run for an airconditioner module that was produced for EC Elettronica Srl (Procond). We soon after that switched to the easier to get Aerodev. This filter is from some leftover stock and was never used.

This EMI Line Filter is for example used in Saeco Coffee Machines.

Update: Arcotronics are sold out and we now ship Aerodev (well, the Arcotronics filter was also produced by Aerodev and they are 100% identical)

Wir haben diesen Netzfilter bei den ersten Pilotmodulen einer Klimasteuerung der Firma EC Elettronica Srl (Procond) eingebaut und haben noch ein paar über. Kurs darauf haben wir auf Aerodev umgeschwenkt weil die einfacher beschaffbar waren. Dieser Filter kann in vielen 220V Geräten mit Motor eingesetzt werden, z.B. Waschmaschinen, Kaffeeautomaten, Werkzeugmaschinen, Klimaanlagen usw.

Nachtrag: Arcotronics sind verkauft und wir liefern jetzt die identischen Aerodev. (Das Arcotronics Modell wurde auch von Aerodev hergestellt)


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