Goldcap / Double Layer Capacitor Panasonic EEC-F5R5U105


Perfect For Memory Backup



Panasonic EEC-F5R5U105 Double Layer Capacitor / Goldcap

Coin type capacitor. Main usage is memory back-up for video and audio equipment, back-up for timers, cameras, telephones, printers, data terminals,
rice cookers and intelligent remote controls. Power storage.

• 1F 5.5V (= 1.000.000µF)

• Panasonic EEC-F5R5U105

• Temperatur: -25°C – 70°C • RoHS

• Raster: 5mm (für Leiterplattenmontage/ for PCB assembly)

Panasonic EEC-F5R5U105 Datasheet


$1.45/pcs. cap 011

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Weight 10 g


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