Floyd Bell M-80 Piezo Alarm Buzzer


The Loudest Piezo Alarm Buzzer In Its Class! Made In USA

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Floyd Bell M-80 Alarm Buzzer

This is a high end alarm buzzer with ultra loud sound – 103dB at 60cm. 5-15VDC / 10-50mA, Electronic IC driver, fully sealed, Automotive quality, Made in USA,

This alarm buzzer has an extremely loud & clear piercing sound.

We did use a lot of them on a circuit board for a well known car brand, probably over 100,000 – and the defect rate we had was virtually zero. Well done Floyd Bell! This is not a cheap buzzer, this is one that can last. We also did use some Chinese buzzers (DB brand), they have no electronic control, just a simple L/C control. They work, but their sound isn’t stable and varies a lot.


  • 103dB at 60cm
  • 5-15VDC / 10-50mA
  • Electronic IC driver,
  • Fully sealed
  • Automotive quality
  • Made in USA




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