Shipping & Taxes

Shipping & Taxes – what you need to know!

All products we sell will be send from our location in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong. All products are shipped via Hong Kong Post airmal. The normal delivery time to most countries is 1-3 weeks. There is no real-time online tracking for airmal, or registered airmail.
Other methods such as EMS/UPS/DHL/TNT/FeDEX etc. are possible, but they are usually several times more expensive. If you have such request please contact us.

Normal airmail has a length restriction of 600mm, the maximum length for custom cut profiles is therefore 550mm.

Taxes / Customs Duty
Hong Kong has no sales tax VAT. Out prices are end price, plus shipping. You may have to pay import duties when our delivery enters your country. Please check with your customs office about the rates. We can provide you the HS codes of each product on request.

Here an import duty example from Germany, valid for other EU places too:

Under € 22.00 – Below is free of any duty/tax
Under € 45.00 – Below is free of any duty/tax for gifts (however, we don’t send gifts, even you you want to send a gift to somebody)

Over € 22.00 – You pay 19% tax on the paid amount, that is goods and delivery charge, but no duty.
Over € 150.00 – You pay duty (0-20%) plus 19% tax on the paid amount, that is goods and delivery charge.

We send all deliveries marked as ‘merchandise’ with the correct sales value. Please note, we do not mark as ‘gift’, or with a lower value. The reason is, customs does check incoming items very often and will demand further proof from you. It is possible that you will be charged with tax evasion, which is a crime in many countries.