PTC Heater – Regulated at 110°C/230°F


A 110°C/230°F Temperature Controlled Heater Element

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Regulated PTC Heater

  • Industrial Quality
  • For 230VAC
  • Set at 110°C/230°F
  • 20W power
  • Heat safe PTFE safety wiring
  • Ends are crimped (not soldered!)
  • 35 x 60 x 8mm, wire length 200mm
  • 1.38″ x 2.36″ x 0.315″, wire length 7.8″

This PTC Heater is used for an industrial customer as safety heater for a LCD module used in Russia, and must work in winter. LCD typically do not work well sub -20°C/-4°F. Can be used in any situation where a cold environment causes damage. Keep in mind that 20W

PTC Heater

PTC Heater

PTC Heater

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