LCD Backlight – Yellow/Green & Red


LCD Backlight 68 x 23 x 6mm

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LCD Backlight

  • Brand: Waichi
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Size (total):  22.4 x 75.5mm
  • Size (body): 22.4 x 71.8mm
  • Size (lit): 63.8 x 18.8mm
  • Color OFF: White
  • Color ON 1: Yellow/Green (~572nm)
  • Color ON 2: Red (~650nm)
  • Voltage: ~8VDC
  • Current: ~100mA

Easy to use. It has two separate LED circuits, one for the typical yellow/green and one for red. LED Backlights are thicker than EL, but have a great advantage, you don’t need special drivers, 8VDC are fine. EL needs drivers/inverter to get you the required ~400VAC – which can then interfere and create a hum noise in sensitive audio electronics.

This LCD Backlight was used for a display that we produced nearly 1 million. The defect rate was zero. Beside the Waichi WA663A-01 we also used the identical Diguang DGK-1002G-8, 68 x 23 x 6mm backlight.
It was used on a LCD with a 19 x 62mm visual area. You have to make sure that your LCD is transmissive – if not it’s not suitable to be used with a backlight.

Datasheet WA663A-01

LCD Backlight
LCD Backlight
LCD Backlight
LCD Backlight
LCD Backlight
LCD Backlight

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