Microchip ST24C02





Microchip ST24C02 – Serial EEPROM

  • Brand: Microchip
  • Type: EEPROM
  • Model: ST24C02
  • Footprint: SO-8
  • Datecode: 2004
  • Packing: Tape & Reel
  • RoHS / NoPb

Some really old leftover stock from an assembly project. Datecode is 2004, solderability was tested with  good netting solder paste.

Microchip ST24C02 is a 32-bit serial eeprom. It is compatible with new and old designs, provides fast access to the data, does no program compare or synchronize but only transfers the data. It has a buffer for holding 1 KB of data to be transferred. The chip contains 256 bytes of internal RAM and 2048 bytes of EEPROM memory, which combined provide 2K of working memory, enough for most applications.

Microchip ST24C02 Datasheet


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