EPCOS B57500K103A1 NTC Thermistor


Epcos/TDK NTC Thermistor

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EPCOS B57500K103A1 NTC Thermistor

  • Manufacturer: EPCOS / TDK
  • Product Category: Industrial Temperature Sensors
  • Series: B57500
  • Technology: NTC Thermistor
  • Range: -55 – 155°C [-67 – 311°F]
  • Part # Aliases: B57500K 103A 1 B57500K103A1
  • Size (body): Ø 6 x 30mm
  • Wire length: 300mm

This NTC was used in an assembly project for an air-conditioner control unit for an Italian client.

Epcos/TDK Datasheet

EPCOS B57500
EPCOS B57500
EPCOS B57500
EPCOS B57500

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