EL Foil White


White EL Foils For Your DIY Projects!



EL Foil / Electroluminescent Panel – White

  • EL/Electroluminescent Foil
  • Color OFF: pink
  • Color ON: White (slight blue tint)
  • Size: 125 x 150mm
  • Thickness 0.30mm – flexible!
  • 5 pair pins are included
  • No inverter included!

Electroluminescent Panels Electroluminescent panels give a cold passive light. They are ideal as LCD backlight, speedometer, tachometer gauge dials or other instrument backlights. You can cut any shape you like and lite them up by connecting the edges, anode and kathode, to an inverter. The required voltage is about 110VAC/400Hz


EL Electroluminescent Foil
EL Electroluminescent Foil



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